• May 9, 2021
  • Krit Sandhu
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Monitoring & Curb bad air quality

Our understanding

Bangkok metropolitan authority is interested in monitor Bangkok’s air quality index and understand the root cause of bad quality of air. Based on the reasons, take necessary steps to curb the bad air quality & improve air quality index.

As part of this proposal, ITAS proposing a PoV approach to start with & do a prototype for a limited network station or Network stations that cover.

As part of PoV, Pentaho would be a platform choice additional Machine learning / Deep learning models would be built & integrated with Pentaho to enable descriptive & predictive analytics to help in understand & curb bad air quality.

The combination of Descriptive and Predictive techniques would help in overall insights and understanding the significance of air parameters, weather on index. The dashboards would give holistic view for different stakeholders and help towards Operational and Strategic decisions


Path to ensure a successful PoV for the customer

Data requirement from the PoV perspective

Historical / Real-time data of below mentioned parameters will help in building an appropriate Descriptive analytics & Predictive models

PoV Technical architecture : Pentaho to predict air quality index

Scalable Technical architecture : Pentaho to predict air quality index

PoV – Phase-wise Implementation approach

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